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The findings of Dude Dudu

Some pretty good stuff today with amazing “characters design” ! Part Two !

With different tests of “characters design” for Mrs. Dunbar, William’s mom, different positions of Ulrich practising Pencak-Silat and various designs from season 4 with some that were reused later, like Yumi for Code Lyoko Reloaded.

Moreover, look the real and amazing literary and graphic bible of Code Lyoko Season 1 !

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Today is the site’s birthday, celebrating 9 years!

And on our website,we are going to spoil you all weekend long. Since the site is 9 years old… well, we’re going to offer you 9 news posts! Look our two first news : A challenge and a quiz!

The objective of this challenge is to obtain 14 codes. Once you have them all, thses codes willa llow you to unlock a secret area of! Inside, a video prensenting a scene that was cut from Code Lyoko (the cartoon!)

More informations here :

Also, the quiz : we’re giving you a series of questions on the Code Lyko universe. The first ones to win will have the right to different prizes!

More informations here :

Stay tuned on for our other news during all weekend long ;)

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